Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occupational Therapy and how can it help my child?

Paediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) is focused on maximising a child’s engagement and independence in everyday activities in different environments such as home, school and play. 

OT can help children who are having difficulties doing or joining in with the activities they need and want to do, such as dressing, using cutlery, colouring, riding a bike or playing in the playground. Children may be prevented from doing these activities because of issues such as coordination difficulties, poor motor planning, reduced attention/concentration or sensory processing issues.

The Occupational Therapist works with the child, their parents and teachers in a collaborative and goal-centred manner to identify the areas they wish to work on in therapy.  

Where do appointments take place? For how long?

  • Clinic appointments:
    Our clinics are based at 1 Main Street, Howth, Co. Dublin and Bayside Medical Centre, Dublin 13. There is free on-street parking at both locations and good public transport links via bus and Dart.
  • Telehealth appointments are also offered.
  • Assessment sessions are 1.5 hours in duration with a follow-up call or meeting scheduled afterwards. Therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration.
  • One parent is welcome to attend face-to-face clinic appointments. Siblings are not permitted to attend.

Do I need a referral to your service?

You do not need a referral from your GP or Paediatrician to attend our service. Parents are welcome to self-refer their child. Please see our contact page for more information.

Is Occupational Therapy covered by health insurance?

Some health insurers offer up to 75% cover for Occupational Therapy services. However this is specific to each plan and insurance provider. It is recommended to contact your health insurance provider directly to determine the cover provided. Receipts will be provided for all fees paid.  

In addition, you may be eligible to claim certain medical expenses by submitting a MED1 form, downloadable from  

What happens if I need to cancel or I’m late?

Cancellation policy: We request that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment. A non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking your appointment.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • More than 48 hours before your appointment: No fee
  • The day before your appointment: 50% charge
  • Day of appointment: Full charge 


If you are late to your appointment, the session will still conclude at the allocated time.